Bosch Dishwasher SMS40T52GB, freestanding, white.

Bosch Dishwasher SMS40T52GB, freestanding, white.

  • £299.99

Not only do dishwashers save time when it comes to washing up, they can also save energy and money. This is equally true for the Bosch SMS40T52GB model, which comes with HydroSensor technology to make sure your machine stays efficient.

HydroSensor works by detecting the cleanliness of the water inside the machine. If it’s clean enough, it will reuse it for the next wash. By doing this, around 20% of the water used will be saved, saving you money on your utility bills.

The dishwasher also has an energy rating of A+, which makes it ideal for those who are more conscious of their energy consumption.

This model also saves energy by using the heat inside to pre-heat cold water. Not only will it help reduce your carbon footprint, it will also cause less thermal stress on your dishes since they are not exposed to hot and cold temperatures simultaneously.

The SMS40T52GB comes with four programmable features, including a pre-wash, economy wash, quick wash and a half load wash, giving you more options to choose from.

The machine itself is freestanding with adjustable feet and comes in a white exterior case with stainless steel interior. The front has a digital display with a clear timer, so you know when your dishes are done. It also has a child lock for added peace of mind.

Inside it has a place setting capacity of twelve, and is suitable for dishes of various shapes and sizes. It also has foldable racks, pull out baskets for your cutlery and two cup racks at the bottom.